A well maintained record-keeping system is essential to managing cash flow, making sound business decisions and meeting your tax and reporting obligations. Svelte can assist with accounting systems, training, ongoing support, BAS preparation, BAS lodgement and bookkeeping.


  • Time-Saving: properly set up computerised accounting and business management systems, customised to your business and needs, saves time and frees you up to focus on money-making activities
  • Accurate and up-to-date accounts: enable you to better understand and control your business and manage cashflow
  • Confidence: specialised banking, bookkeeping and accounting knowledge gives you the confidence that your records and reporting are accurate
  • Cost efficient: no employee costs and no associated on-costs
  • Saves fees: complete and accurate records reduce the time your accountant spends doing bookkeeping work to prepare your annual reports and tax returns thus reducing the bookkeeping component of your accountant’s bill
  • Streamlined processes: make the bookkeeping workflow more efficient Timely: meet your statutory obligations on time for IAS, BAS, PAYG, Super and avoid late lodgement penalties
  • Expertise: professional bookkeepers keep on top of changes to rules and regulations